As a Perx member, you will receive discounts across a range of products and services that can see you save money over the course of the next year.

Perx can provide you these discounts and cash-back opportunities through your exclusive Perx card.

There are discounts on;

Over 1700 restaurants
Leisure activities across the UK
Travel & Vacations worldwide
Savings on foreign currency transactions
Special offers on events, lifestyle & household products
Perx Pre-paid card - further discounts and benefits are all available through this exclusive card for Perx members.

To access these savings simply complete the form and we will contact you immediately to run through the offers and get your Perx card to you.

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Also, as per your membership offer, you are entitled to £10 grocery cashback with the voucher below.

Its simple;

  1. Print out the voucher below
  2. Go and do any form of grocery shopping
  3. Send in the voucher plus the receipt to our customer service address
  4. In 14 days you will receive £10 cashback from Perx